Welcome To Absolute Ayurveda

Our Warm Welcome to Absolute Ayurveda Clinic, where beauty and health come together. Here, our aim is to rejuvenate you. We invite you to experience the magical touch of our special rejuvenating treatments. We welcome you to visit our unique locations and it will be an unforgettable escapade to you from the daily routine life. At Absolute Ayurveda Clinic, which is a synonym of serene rejuvenation, we offer traditional ayurvedic treatments of Kerala, the God's own country and which is the original land of Ayurveda.

Welcome to VARKALA

According to Hindu mythology, Varkala is stretch of land created by Lord Narada by throwing a shawl made from the tree's bark (Valkalam). Apart from this, Varkala is today one of the most sought-after new age destination in Asia and is remembered for its virgin beaches, whispering waves, Red scenic cliffs, Stunning sun sets, Rejuvenating mineral springs And Ayurveda, the mystic feeling of herbal healing. You have to experience to believe it when the moment you step into the Absolute Ayurveda Clinic, a unit of Absolute Ayurveda & Tourism Pvt Ltd. Varkala. India.


Our Ayurvedic Services

  • The Ayurvedic services we offer you depend on your medical needs, how long you’ll be in the Varkala area, and your reasons for seeking treatment.
  • If you’re only in Varkala for a few days, or if you “just want a massage” without going through a formal Ayurvedic medical evaluation, we offer superb hands-on bodywork provided by skilled therapists.
  • If you’re seeking medical evaluation and ways to increase your health and enjoyment of life while decreasing medical problems, we start with a free consultation and examination conducted by our expert doctors.
  • This includes Ayurvedic analysis of your pulse, respiration, skin, muscle tone, organ function, digestion, eyes, life history, symptoms, and other factors.
  • You’ll notice that Ayurvedic examination and analysis are far more comprehensive than allopathic medical exams. That’s because Ayurveda doctors use ALL medical modalities, including allopathic approaches and Ayurvedic strategies and medicines.
  • Based on our exam findings and your situation, we may recommend a multi-day course of detoxification, cleansing, and rejuvenation. Or we can craft a shorter program.
  • While you’re getting treatment, personalized doctor’s care and pharmaceutical-grade Ayurvedic medicines are included.
  • Each individual treatment lasts from 60-90 minutes and is conducted in our safe, clean, calming, professional environment.
  • Our therapists are gender specific, for your privacy and comfort.

Our mission

In future we are planning to grow as a complete Ayurveda care unit in Kerala. Our own Ayurveda herbal plantations, manufacturing units and hospital wings throughout Kerala. Soon we are looking forward to open new treatment centers abroad to establish this miraculous remedy in to the human population around our planet.



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Out-Patient department have extensive facility for Doctor's consultation. The patients may visit qualified Ayurvedic doctors & Vaidyas.