We all want healthy, youthful, vibrant skin, and that’s why our UDVARTHANAM powder massage is so popular. This hour-long treatment uses powdered herbs to reduce fat, clear your complexion, reduce wrinkles, psoriasis, and liver spots, and detoxify your skin.


Steam your worries away with a cleansing herbal steam bath combined with TOTAL BODY MASSAGE in our ABHYANGA SWEDAM treatment. This powerful combination therapy removes impurities, reduces fat, clears the skin, and tones you.


Using special “boluses” (soft cloth bags) containing medicated herbs and rice, NJAVARAKKIZHI massage uses the boluses dipped into heated medicated oil to gently but firmly pound your body. This sends healing heat and medicines deep into muscle tissues, soft tissues, and the skeleton. This treatment relieves arthritis, sports injuries, high cholesterol, chronic pain, and other problems.


Another powerful and favorite Ayurvedic treatment is the hour-long PIZHICHIL therapy in which 1-2 therapists pour medicated, pure, warm oils all over your body while you lie on a deep massage table with built-in drains. As with Njavarakkizhi, Pizhichil is one of the favorite treatments, and is a form of bodywork not found other than in Ayurvedic medicine.