1. Dhoopanam

Medicated fumes are puffed to the nostrills or ears to prevent infections. This procedure helps to clean and detoxify the specific epithelial tissues.

2. Anjanam & Aschothanam

Application of Ayurvedic collyrium inside the eyelids for achieving good vision, luster of the eyes etc. Anjanam is followed by washing the eyes with special decoction and dripping medicated eye drops (Aschothanam).

3. Tharpanam

Application of medicated oil or ghee over the eyes.

Benefits: Useful in prevention and treatment of eye diseases.

4. Karnapooranam

Ears are treated with various herbal preparations. This treatment is to cleanse and prevent diseases in ears.

5. Kabalam / Gandoosham

Here the mouth is filled with suitable oil or decoctions and keeping it for some time according to the condition. This is useful for mouth disorders, dental or gum promlems, stomititis etc.